Flexible Respite Options for Care Givers


Helping you to continue caring

South Burnett Care offers a range of affordable group and social respite options allowing you to match the type of respite with the needs of your loved one.

  • Out and about in the community
  • At your home
  • At our day Centre
  • Overnight in our cottage accommodation

We take the time to really understand your routines and any specific needs the person you care for may have. Then we match your loved one with a trained and qualified carer and other likeminded clients, creating opportunities for friendship and socialisation.

How much does it cost?

Our programs are very affordable and government subsidies are available for eligible participants. Please contact us to discuss specific details or visit My Aged Care.

Find Out More

Let’s have a discussion about how we can help, or if you would like support to access My Aged Care, please contact us.

  • Home Maintance

    Esme needed help to keep her yard neat and safe but also something she could be proud of. Esme said she is very thankful for what we do and she couldn’t do without us. With SBcare’s help Esme has been able to live at home on her own for longer than she thought possible and intends to stay a lot longer.

    Esme’s Story

  • Day Programs at SBcare

    When Jeff was diagnosed with dementia he came to SBcare for help. When Jeff was asked if the day programs had made a difference to his life, he said “Ooh yeh, it certainly has. It’s the people and the company and the friendship. I can talk to everyone about anything. We have a good laugh. I’m never sure what activities we’ll be doing (because I don’t remember ha-ha) but it’s always great. We have a lot of fun. I feel safe and happy and really look forward to going to ‘camp’. That’s what I call it.”

    Jeff’s Story

  • Home Care Package

    Bill is legally blind and received a Home Care Package in May 2018. He had recently moved from North Qld to live with his daughter and son in law in Kingaroy.

    Bill has said the Home Care Package support that SBcare has provided has given him independence, opportunities for socialisation and a renewed sense of purpose. Having this support gives his family reassurance that he is safe and contributing to and participating within his community. He is pleased with the flexibility and responsiveness of the support with SBcare as it helps him with shopping and medical appointments as they arise as well as the regular scheduled supports.

    Bill’s Story

  • Learning to Cook

    Callum loves to cook, and once a week he cooks the evening meal at home for the family with the help of his SBcare support worker. The regular support with cooking has encouraged Callum’s independence, increased his knowledge about food, maintain good health and his social skills have been enhanced by the network of support workers and his interaction with them.

    Callum’s Story

  • Meals on Wheels

    Doug and Aileen’s daughter in law initially arranged delivery of Meals on Wheels when Aileen was recovering from surgery in 2015. The couple said that they continued to order meals periodically up until 2016 and now regularly receive meals twice per week. Aileen said “getting Meals on Wheels gives me break from having to think about what to cook and there are no dishes to wash!”

    When asked which meals they like the best Doug said “I really like the roast pork and corned beef”. Doug went on to say that they have noticed a huge improvement in the quality, appearance and variety of meals now being delivered and have been enjoying the change.

    Doug and Aileen’s Story